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55" Animated Demoness Halloween Fall Decor

  • $ 4999

55" Animated Demoness Halloween Fall Decor

Startle trick-or-treaters and party guests when this 55" Animated Demoness springs to life. Hanging by her wrists from shackles, the sound-activated demoness' eyes light up with a red glow, and she shakes as she talks. On/off switch. Requires 3 "AA" batteries. 11"W x 55"L. Polyester fabric and plastic. 

  • Demoness says:
    • "These shackles can't hold me for long... HAHAHAHA"
    • "Oh, I've been so bad for soooo loong. Let me outta here and I'll show you!"
    • "When I get out, I'm gonna get every last one of you, and then you'll see what evil does."
    • "Raarrgghhh. Release me and maybe I'll let you live through the night!"
  • Details:
    • 11"W x 55"L
    • Polyester fabric and plastic
    • Battery operated


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